Fun with Phab

Hi everyone!!

This week Project Spotlight is about volunteering with Warwick Youth Phab! Phab provides an enjoyable and supportive environment for both disabled and abled young people to come together in Leamington on a Wednesday evening. Youth Phab is a national charity running many different projects aimed at helping children.


What do we do?

Every week we organize different activities for the young people. This week was no different with it being a superhero night. We made special superhero masks and played pool, table tennis and our own version of football (walls, ceilings … everything goes!)12342744_10204353217584409_966685646187091725_n

Why is it such a fantastic volunteering opportunity?

Once there, it is so easy to get stuck in! If you are new, Ragavan or another member of the Exec will talk you through the session and make sure you feel at home first. The informal environment surprised me at first. The children could decide which activities they wanted to participate in, whether it be sitting and chatting to their Phab friends, playing a game of table tennis or taking part in the arts and crafts activity. There is no schedule so it really is about making sure every child is having a Phab-ulous (sorry for the pun!!) time and just being able to have fun in their own way.

Transport is provided from Uni for campus-based students, giving you a chance to meet everyone before the volunteering opportunity begins. For those Leam folks, it’s a 5 minute walk from the centre meaning you’ll always have someone to walk with, or if you’re lucky to drive you, back home.



Why should you volunteer ??

Rahul’s talks about his experience volunteering with Warwick Youth Phab  and why you should volunteer!

“Phab is a charity that I have been a part of since I was 16, and has been an incredible part of my life both at school and at uni. The fundamental goals of inclusion and equality embodied by Phab really resonate with me, and I love having the chance to give our less abled guests opportunities that they would be unable to find elsewhere. What I treasure the most is seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they are having a great time- having the chance to do things that every child has the right to do. Volunteering with Phab is the highlight of my week, and makes me feel that I have achieved something worthwhile every time. It is a charity that I am honoured to be affiliated with, and I look forward to continue volunteering with them in the coming years!”



After the first 3 sessions you attend, Warwick Phab will walk you through getting your DBS certificate through the volunteering office. Apart from that, all we want is enthusiastic volunteers who want to get involved and give children a chance to relax and be themselves 🙂


How can you get involved?

Sign up for the Phab Facebook Page here:

Visit the Warwick Youth Phab website here:

Like our Warwick Volunteers Page to get the latest news and updates :

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