Crafts In Hospital!

This week the spotlight goes on to ‘Crafts in Hospital’. Warwick Volunteers has formed an exciting partnership with the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire’s Healing Arts Charity. This partnership has lead to the foundation of ‘Crafts in Hospital’ that works to fit in with the needs of patients at the University Hospital in Coventry.



What do we do?

Crafts in Hospital is one of the Warwick Volunteers projects that any member of the University of Warwick can join. Our main aim is to design and produce craft-making kits that are donated to University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire.

“Stroke and elderly patients at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust are benefiting from entertainment in hospital wards. “ NHS (2013)

It is recognised that art and craft play a key role in delivering an improved patient environment. It has a significant impact on improving the wellbeing and health of patients, service users, carers as well as staff working in the health sector.





How do we do it?

We usually meet fortnightly to design or create the packs. We all meet with loads, some or no experience but filled with excitement and brainstorm to design cards that we want to create packs for. The cards are general or special occasion cards. All the material is provided by us, all the volunteers do is lend their time and creativity.

In addition to this, volunteers go to different wards at the University hospital, such as elderly care and trauma and orthopedics, around three times a term. When we go into the wards we bring with us card making materials and a lots of enthusiasm! Volunteers talk to patients at their bedside or, if more mobile, day room offering our card making services.




Why should you volunteer with us?


After a long day of work, you can unleash your inner creativity and have fun with interesting people whilst simultaneously contributing towards the well being of patients.

I attended the christmas card making session and as I entered the room at 18:00, I forgot I had an assignment due the next day and that I had had no luck with job applications again. The atmosphere completely lifted my mood. With a whole table stacked with every type pf paper, glitter and decorations, I knew I could expect 2 hours of fun! Adorning my santa hat, eating my mince pie  and with ‘Baby, It’s cold outside’ playing in the background ; my first session with Crafts in Hospital was pure joy. The volunteers were super helpful and I didn’t even realise that it was my first time there. I made a pack of 3  christmas cards(as in the images) and left at 20:00, feeling very different from how I felt 2 hours before.



How can you join?

The card making sessions can be joined in by anyone at any point during the terms. However, visiting the hospital requires a DBS check. For any student having lived outside of the UK for more than 6 months, a Certificate of Good Conduct would also be needed.

For information about the sessions and the project, the following details are useful :

  1. Crafts In Hospital FB page :


  1. The WV page :


  1. Project Leader Contact Details :


Crafts in Hospital is a great way to be part of the community and enjoying yourself at the same time.There is complete flexibility in your attendance and there is no time commitment issues.

I hope you find this interesting. If there are any questions or comments, please do get in touch. See you at the next session!



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