How volunteering can help you stick to your new year’s resolutions

It is tradition: a new year brings a new start! Funny how it can give us that little push and encourage us to improve ourselves. Maybe you too, decided to make some resolutions for 2016. And maybe you need a little help keeping them. Well, we’ve got the answer: volunteering.

Volunteering can be one of your 2016 resolutions. It can even be a way to keep all your other resolutions. As an illustration, we selected some of our most common resolutions, and will show you how the projects held and supported by Warwick Volunteers can help you achieve them.

Spend more time with family: Buddy Club


If you study far from home, you might think “this one is not for me”. Well, you can take the time to call your family members more often. You can also create time with a new family here, joining the Buddy Club. Buddy Club makes weekly visits to Willowbrook, a residential home for the elderly. Some of the residents might not get many visits. Through weekly befriending activities, from conversation to games and crafts, you help them feel at home. At the same time, you build yourself a new family, with many experiences and stories to learn from. This is a sort of a three-resolutions-in-one project, isn’t it?

Watch less TV: Crafts in hospital


You could add Netflix and other partners in crime to the list. That sure is good to get your mind off University for a while. But it has been proven that so do handy-crafts. Warwick Volunteers has partnered with the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire’s Healing Arts Charity to create Crafts in Hospital. Volunteers create craft making kits which go out to patients so they can complete them in their own time or with the volunteers on the wards. Good news is: for a smooth transition you can practice in front of your TV, to provide the patients with the nicest card making kit!

Do more for the planet: Tocil Wood


Last year, you succeeded in committing to sorting waste and saving water cutting your showers length by two? Congratulations! Please keep up the good work. This year, why not go a step further, and become more active for the local environment? The Tocil Wood project is run in conjunction with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, a leading local environmental charity. Regular sessions are organised to clear sections of the woodland of young trees, enabling light getting down to the forest floor, which increases biodiversity in the habitat. Join their Facebook group to hear about upcoming activities.

Get fit: The Children’s Society

Youth Club

Strong Voices, Strong Lives is a project run by The Children’s Society, working with young refugees aged 13-18, particularly those who have come to the UK without their families. Weekly youth club are organised on Wednesday evening where everyone cooks, plays sports, games, does crafts and socialises. You will get very positive vibes joining them and believe us, you won’t stay sitting very long.

Learn something new: Give it a Go!


Cleaning up the Canal – October 2015

2016 is your year to try something new. With its Give it a Go campaign, Warwick Volunteers offers a range of activities on a short time commitment: a few hours on a one-day basis. This is a great way of trying volunteering if you have never done it, or to have a go at something different. In the past few weeks, volunteers took part in a Harry Potter week in a school in Coventry, cleaned up Grand Union Canal, and sorted out clothes donations for the Coventry clothes bank. To name a few! You can start now, joining us on the 26 January for an afternoon tea and games at Queensway Court, a residence for the over 55.

These are a few of the various volunteering opportunities you can find around Warwick. You can read more about them in out last blog posts. There are projects for everyone! Become a member of Warwick Volunteers now, and you will receive our weekly newsletter which has the latest volunteering opportunities. Have a look also at our project search tool, to find the project which will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions for 2016!



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