Make a difference, your way! (Exec Roles, Part 1)

Hi everyone,

Warwick Volunteers are currently looking for people who are interested in joining the executive committee for the 2016-7 academic year! With this in mind, we thought it would be a great opportunity for the current exec to reflect on their roles this year, and to hopefully make the role a little clearer to anybody who is thinking about running to be on the exec this year! We are going to be doing this in two parts, once this week and once next week. This week, Camilla (President), Soumya (Project Leader Support Officer) and Simon (Media and Comms Officer) will reflect on their experiences.

Camilla Dobinson, President



Why did you join the exec?

I started volunteering through Warwick Volunteers during my first year at university and was Project Leader for Right to Read during my second year. I wanted to become even more involved during my third year and being on the Exec seemed like a perfect way to do that. Being on an Exec is one of the best things you can do while at university and it has been a privilege to be part of something that has a real impact and benefit on people’s lives.

What does your role involve?

As President of the Student Executive Committee, I (along with the other members of the Exec) am the student face of Warwick Volunteers and ensure that WV is student led. I represent the Exec internally and externally at staff meetings, Steering Committee meetings, at events and give presentations when required. I also chair and set agendas for Exec meetings where we set objectives and goals to work towards.

What experience have you gained?

Taking on the role of President while being a third year Biomedical Science student has been a crash-course in time-management and organisational skills. I’ve been managing through writing lots of to-do lists to keep on top of all my work and Exec commitments. It may sound like a lot but it is completely manageable. The staff at the Volunteering office are life-savers and are always on hand to help and they have made this whole experience so much easier and more enjoyable.


Soumya, Project Leader Support Officer

Why did you join the exec?

Since my 1st year I had been an active member of Warwick Screenshot 2016-02-01 20.06.12Volunteers and in my 2nd year I took over as a Project Leader and thoroughly enjoyed my experience being part of different projects. I applied to be on the exec because it is the perfect opportunity to be part of a team dedicated towards doing something wonderful whilst having great fun at the same time. WV has allowed me to get together with like-minded people who want to give their best towards creating a better experience for volunteers, project leaders and the community at large.

What does your role involve?

As a PL support officer, my role is to stay connected with all the Project Leaders and ensure that everyone is in a comfortable position with regards to their projects. The role is fairly simple: keeping in touch with all the projects and ensuring that they have all the help and support that they may need. In addition to that I get to do the fun bits like organize socials for the Volunteers and Project Leaders. Although it sounds like a lot of work, with the support of the extremely helpful staff and your co-officer, it is a wonderful opportunity to get involved with WV on a deeper level.

What experience have you gained?

Being on the exec with 5 other amazing people and doing things together has been one of the nicest experiences in my university life. I have learnt to always find a way between hectic deadlines for my responsibilities and learn and grow with every new project. Representing a good cause and the university has been an absolute honour.

Simon, Media and Comms Officer


Why did you join the exec?1966914_10152405376155910_427098185_n

I joined the exec this year because I had been really involved wth Warwick Volunteers for 3 years! I had volunteered on 4 different projects, and had been project leader for Kidz Kamp- so I thought that joining the exec was a natural step! Warwick Volunteers helped shape my future career as a teacher by giving me the opportunity to volunteer with children from lots of different backgrounds in lots of different contexts- and I wanted to play a bigger part in its continuing success so that it can keep on giving students these opportunities.

What does your role involve?

Lots of stuff! But the two main things I’ve tried to do this year have been reaching out more to Postgraduates, and increasing Warwick Volunteers’ online presence. Improving our online presence has been really important, as it lets people know about what is going on with Warwick Volunteers, and allows us to highlight the success of our projects in action! Project Spotlight has been a crucial part of this, as it let the exec experience projects and the write about them so people can read about what is happening week to week! But the role can really be down to what your ideas are! Project Spotlight was an idea I had which the exec worked hard on to make it take off, but if you have ideas about how to communicate what Warwick Volunteers is doing to benefit the local community as well as students, then this role will let you act on them!

What experience have you gained?

Like Camilla said, time management for sure! Luckily for me a lot of my duties involved being online and typing things up- so I could fit them in at any little bit of time I had! The first few weeks also required quite a bit of public speaking and communicating to lots of people at different fairs- definitely something useful. It was also a really good mix of teamwork and individual work. We regularly meet with the other exec members to discuss things and come up with ideas, and then takeaway our individual responsibilities on things we need to do- so it encouraged both of these important ways of working!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about what some of the exec have had to say. Tune in next week when Yuan, Karolina and Lucy will be giving you their take on being a member of the exec.

If you want to find out more about being an exec member, we are holding an information event where you can talk to some of us in person.

And you can find out more on the exec page of the Warwick Volunteers website:


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