Make a difference, your way! (Exec, part 2)

Hi everyone,

Warwick Volunteers are currently looking for people who are interested in joining the executive committee for the 2016-7 academic year! With this in mind, we thought it would be a great opportunity for the current exec to reflect on their roles this year, and to hopefully make the role a little clearer to anybody who is thinking about running to be on the exec this year! We have done this in two parts, this week and last week. This week, Yuan (Vice President), Karolina (Project Leader Support Officer) and Lucy (Media and Comms Officer) will reflect on their experiences.

Yuan Lee, Vice President

WV Yuan Lee

Why did you join the Exec?

Through Warwick Volunteers TeachBright (now Student Tutoring), I relished the enriching and touching volunteering experiences I had at Baginton Fields School, which offers opportunities to help out students with mental or physical disabilities. In my view, volunteering does not merely fill up the time gaps, but eventually allows one to discover more in life.

Hence, I aimed to enlarge this volunteering circle by recruiting prospective volunteers and wanted to help everyone appreciate their volunteering experiences.

What does your role involve?

As the Vice President of Warwick Volunteers, I manage communication between the Exec and the staff team at Warwick Volunteers, e.g. circulating dates of Exec meetings and minutes to staff team. Besides, my role entails liaising with volunteers and project leaders, representing their views and achievements to internal and external partners, and leading the social activities of Warwick Volunteers.

What experience have you gained?

This role as the Vice President has honed in on my communication skills through presentations and interactions with various partners of Warwick Volunteers. I am really delighted to have met passionate people who work in the Charities Sector and got encouraged by their personal experiences. Despite being in the busiest year of my University life and having to cope with studies and competitions, I have no regrets because I love the other wonderful execs who share the same passion for managing and volunteering.

Karolina, Project Leader Support Officer

Why did you join the exec?

I have been a member with Warwick Volunteers since first year, volunteering with a project called Buddy Club. I loved being part of a wider community of likeminded people and decided to carry on being a part in my second year as a Project Leader. I loved my experience, and decided to apply for the exec position as it meant that I was able to further contribute to Warwick Volunteers and be more involved in the university

What does the role involve?

As a Project Leader support officer, my role is to stay connected with all the Project Leaders and support them whilst they run their projects. This includes keeping in touch with all the projects and being on hand for any queries they may have. In addition I am in charge of organising socials for the exec, project leaders and the volunteers. As a member of the exec, I am also involved in preparation for the volunteering fair, societies fair and student volunteering week.

What experience have you gained?

Being on the exec has allowed me to meet and make new friends, which has made the whole experience even more enjoyable. Through this I was able to work in a team, improve organisation, learn how to prioritise work load, and more importantly the impact volunteering has on students, and the wider community. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone, as I truly believe, being part of an exec has positively shaped my experience at Warwick.

WV lucy and karolina

Lucy (left) and Karolina (right)

Lucy, Media and Comms Officer

Why did you join the exec?

I joined the exec because I had loved my volunteering experience with Teach Bright (now Student Tutoring) where I helped children with learning difficulties in their lessons. The other volunteers I had met along the way were all such fabulous individuals that I wanted to be more involved and help others have an even better volunteering experience whilst at Warwick.

What does your role involve?

My main aim with in this role was to get the message out about the fantastic work that all Warwick volunteers do!! Externally, we do this through organizing various fairs throughout the year, especially during Fresher’s week as well as promoting through RaW, the Boar and local community channels. Within the volunteering community, we promote via the facebook page and organize who is writing which daily posts as well as the project Spotlights which were a new addition this year. The great part about this role, is that it really is down to you and your ideas. As the new exec, you get to come in and decide how you want to improve Warwick volunteers and how to achieve this via communication.

What experience have you gained?

First and foremost, I have met some incredible individuals; the volunteers, the people whom our projects support, the office team and of course the Exec team.  Through being on the Exec I have improved my knowledge of social media, video editing etc all of which I was thoroughly useless at before I started the role! The great thing about Warwick Volunteers is that you have the staff team’s support at all times and, if you ever need it, they will help arrange additional training for you in any area. You gain so many skills such as prioritisation, team work and communication but most importantly, I have made some fantastic friends through volunteering and especially through being on the Exec!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about what some of the exec have had to say. Read last weeks post where Camilla, Simon and Soumya gave you their take on being a member of the exec:

If you want to find out more about being an exec member, we are holding an information event where you can talk to some of us in person:

And you can find out more on the exec page of the Warwick Volunteers website:



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