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The project is one-of-its-kind which actively seeks to encourage children to become creators, rather than consumers of technology. Technology Volunteers offer support to local schools by assisting with technology-based projects and activities during lessons, or at after school clubs. Technology Volunteers currently focus on two different workshops, Arduino and Scratch. Training sessions are held in the 1st term for both the workshops which help deliver these sessions in the 2nd term. They also organise competitions which allow children to gain recognition for their progress in exciting educational and technology-related projects; each year they run their own Technology Volunteers competitions in addition to supporting the BCS Coventry competitions.



I am a 3rd year Economics student and have been an active member of various volunteering projects over my 3 years at Warwick. I only got interested in Tech Volunteers in my final year through some persuasive and really hard working project leaders and it has turned out to be one of my best experiences at University. With no background knowledge of coding or programming, I was completely fascinated when I could make a shark chase fish in a fish tank or create a car race on Scratch. It was a series of unexpected skills and information that was systematically given out by the project leaders step-by-step. Following the scratch session was Arduino, which was only awe and magic for a non-tech person as me. We made a clap sensor which would blink when exposed to loud sudden noises such as claps, and doing this can be counted as one of my biggest achievements in University so far. I could only imagine the excitement and joy that the kids would feel when we teach them the same.

And that is exactly what I witnessed when I went in for my first school session in the 2nd term. After being at the receiving end, it was my turn to watch the children gasp when the project leader announced that we were going to make a racing game. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling session to be in the school and conduct a session that every student loved so much. Contrary to my belief that I was incapable of conducting a lesson on something I had only training-session-worth knowledge of, it was an extremely easy job with all the steps clearly explained by the leading project leader.

I think technology volunteers is one of the coolest projects run under Warwick Volunteers and is a brilliant way to develop, enhance and impart a new and exciting skill. It is run very systematically and smoothly by all project leaders and is one of the most interesting things I’ve done outside of my degree at Warwick.



Sign- up for this project has now closed for 2015-16.

But, for next year you can contact any of the project leaders (details on webpage) or email them!




Soumya Dabriwal

PL Support Officer and Tech Volunteer!



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