Volunteering: Meeting New People

As it is Student Volunteering Week, we are going to be writing a series of reflective blogs about the various aspects of volunteering with Warwick Volunteers. Today, I will focus on the way being a member has allowed me to meet and interact with different people!

My name is Karolina and I am one of the Project Leader Support Officers. I have been an active member of Warwick Volunteers ever since coming to university volunteering with a project called Buddy Club, to becoming its’ project leader in my second year and being on the executive committee this year. As a Law and Sociology student volunteering has enabled to meet lots of new people, which I feel greatly enhanced my university experience, especially as my particular course has a relatively small number of students. I was able to meet fellow like-minded people who share their enjoyment in volunteering and helping out in the community. This was clear, as regardless of the course they studied, some having more contact hours than others, everyone was always able to give up a few hours a week for a good cause.

Moreover, being able to interact with the people who benefit the most from volunteering, such as the residents from Buddy Club, made the whole experience even more worthwhile, as it gave me a chance to find out more about them as well as see first-hand the difference volunteering made to their life. Whilst at the home, I formed friendships with the residents and heard numerous fascinating stories about their lives which often left me feeling reflective and appreciative of being able to volunteer. As well as meeting active volunteers, being part of Warwick Volunteers enabled me to meet the people who put in the hard work behind the scenes, such as the staff team to the coordinators at the different projects. Their passion and commitment toward these causes is unprecedented, and only serves to reinforce the tight-knit community that Warwick Volunteers is.

Additionally, being on the executive committee this year, I have been working with like-minded students who all have different volunteering backgrounds but ultimately share the same drive behind it. This helped us become friends and think creatively of ways we can improve the volunteering opportunities and experiences available as well as put new and fresh ideas in place. Therefore, being able to meet new and interesting people as well as form friendships along the way made volunteering an immense highlight of my university experience.



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