How has volunteering helped my CV?


Good day everyone!

My name is Yuan Yao Lee and I am the Vice President for Warwick Volunteers. As the title of the blog suggests, I will shed some light as to how has my volunteering experience benefitted my CV.


A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is often the first piece of information which introduces a job applicant to a Human Resource or Recruitment Manager. In order to secure a placement or an occupation, one needs to demonstrate that he or she possesses the relevant skills and attributes to perform the roles. Volunteering experiences can tick the boxes for you!

Prior to be elected as the Vice President, I volunteered at a Special Educational Needs school as a teaching assistant through the TeachBright project. The role required me to be alert at all times because I was working with children whose behavioural patterns could be different to those displayed by children in mainstream schools. I had to work with teachers to understand the needs of every individual student in their classes. Having a composed description of my volunteering experiences on my CV supports the fact that I am a team player who has an awareness of my job environment.

As a law student, it is essential to demonstrate my communication skills on my CV. I am able to display that attribute via roles such as the Project Leader for TeachBright and the Vice President for Warwick Volunteers.  As Vice-President,  I have been liaising with volunteers and project leaders, representing their views and achievements to internal audiences and external partners such as The Chancellor’s Commission which was investigating the impact of the volunteering on the local region. I am also grateful for the opportunity to promote and campaign for Warwick Volunteers’ events.  For example, involvements in the marketing of Volunteering Fair 2015 and Student Volunteering Week 2016 have honed my communication skills.

Additionally, volunteering outside of studying and working hours showcases one’s time management skills. Placing your volunteering experience in your CV suggests to the Recruitment Manager that you could multitask in an effective and efficient manner. On a side note, volunteering in a sector which you may be joining in the future will help to gain valuable experience, develop technical skills and practical knowledge regarding that industry. For instance, it would be useful for a law student to volunteer in a law clinic and evaluate his or her interest to pursue a legal career. The same can be said for a prospective teacher to volunteer in schools to ascertain his or her career choice to become an educator.

Hence, I am thankful for the wonderful opportunities that I have received throughout my journey with Warwick Volunteers. If you share a passion in helping out people in the community, it is never too late to start your volunteering journey. You may just fall in love with it!

Today (23/2/2016) is the second day of Student Volunteering Week 2016! Please check out the wonderful volunteering activities that we have lined up!


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