I had never been on an Exec.

Hi! 🙂 during my second year I decided to do something different with my time and ran for a position on the WV exec and it has been one the best things I have done at university.  Before getting involved with the exec, the only team-based work experience I had been involved with at university was group projects and that’s not exactly well-known for being a lot of fun.  Working within a exec team for a whole year has certainly been a learning curve and I’ve gained so many transferable skills that I can carry with me out of university.

None of us on the exec had never been in charge of something so big before and all of sudden we had a whole society at our fingertips!  Every exec has a mark on its society and we were going to be no different.  We quickly learnt to work together and through our ups and downs (the downs mostly included trying and failing to find a time for a meeting that all of us can make!) we worked hard to help keep WV running smoothly and being a well-known society on campus.  My work with WV has helped me develop leadership, time management and presentation skills to name a few – not just team-work skills.  I’ve learnt how to work with people and communicate well with a whole range of different individuals.

Being on an exec isn’t the only way you can work on your team skills within WV.  There are plenty of projects that require you to work within a team.  For example, with Bake it Up! you have to work with fellow volunteers to ensure the children keep safe and have fun while baking and organising something like Fun Day (a party for older people at Willowbrook Care Home) definitely requires more than one individual.  If you want to get involved, check out the project list on our website: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/about/community/volunteers/volunteering/searchtool/

Although it is now too late to run for an Exec position (voting for elections closes on the 25th Feb!!), you can still apply for Project Leader roles. Email the office at volunteers@warwick.ac.uk to get more information or visit our website.

Now that we’re nearing the end of our term as being exec, I’ll certainly be sad to leave WV but I’ve had so much fun and made so many great friends on the way that I’ll look back on my time fondly.


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