Interesting Volunteering Experiences!

Warwick Volunteers has approximately 45 projects under it and the variety is absolutely amazing. In my 2nd term of my 1st year at university, I had Wednesdays free and thought I should do something meaningful. I browsed through the WV project page and filtered projects that did not need DBS(since I was so late!) and were on Wednesdays. Even with such strict restrictions, I found ‘Tocil Woods’ that fit my needs perfectly.

With no experience of environmental conservation or it’s kinds, I was literally completely thrown into the wild. With a short briefing and training, I spent my afternoon sawing off trees in the campus woods, it is one of the most bizarre and interesting thing I’ve ever done and subsequently was a regular for all Tocil Wood sessions


In addition to Tocil, I volunteered for ‘Fun Day’, where volunteers spend an evening with the old residents at Willowbrook Centre and prepare something Fun! We prepared an evening of ‘Cultural Interaction’ and got different cultural societies to perform and showcase their culture. It was a beautiful evening of intercultural bonding and fun!

The student volunteering week was called ‘Do More 24’ that year and I helped paint murals in a centre in Coventry. A team of us spent our Saturday afternoon painting murals and were treated with Dominoes for our hard work and time by the office. It was a wonderful way to meet new people and spend a Saturday doing something other than watching Tv shows!

These are just a few of my volunteering experiences in my 1st year of University and they give me wonderful memories to boast off! So get involved and join the experience! đŸ˜€


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