Project Spotlight: RNIB Fence Painting

Hi Everyone!

This week’s Project Spotlight focuses on a one-off community project in Coventry in association with RNIB Three Spires. The project involved Fence Painting of the school’s main fence after it suffered a major fire in October 2015.

About the School

JS73957374RNIB Three Spires Academy is a SEN(Special Educational Needs) school  in Coventry for pupils aged 3-11.

The school’s vision is “That every individual is valued and is given the greatest possible opportunity to achieve their best.” Inherent in the school’s goals to achieve this, the ultimate aim is for every individual to become an active, happy and fulfilled citizen in the world.

The school prides itself for aiming to provide creative and flexible teaching, care and support for their pupils and importantly by providing safe, caring and nurturing environment for all to enjoy their time at the school.


In the early hours of Tuesday 1st of October, a major fire took place at the school. Consequently, Warwick Volunteers has been actively involved in helping Three Spires with their restoration.


Fence Painting

When I arrived on campus, early on Saturday morning, all of the volunteers, myself, the lovely Kim and Hana from the Warwick Volunteers Office met up outside the Senate House waiting for our Transport to arrive to take us to the school. Upon arrival we were all greeted by Robert Jones, the head teacher of Three Spires who gave us a little bit of background information. We were then taken to the staff room to put away all our stuff and get ready.

After a brief introduction to the day, we went outside, split into teams and who was working on which section of the fence. Although the morning sun was shining and making the green area around us look beautiful, the actual temperature was much colder. Thankfully, there were lots of spare t-shirts for us to put on to try and keep the warmth.


The fence was a worn out and a fading brown colour that needed a fresh new touch. The colour that was chosen was green. As you can see in the photos, it made a big difference to how the playground would look, especially coming up to the warmer weather.

As you can see from the pictures, everyone got straight into it! We had a goal for the day, which at first seemed very achievable. It was only after our lunch break and some Dominoes Pizza did we realise that actually, we needed to speed up!

Regardless, it was clear that Robert, the head of the school, greatly appreciated our work and help, even complimenting about the neatness of our painting!

Although slightly tiring and tough to do in the cold, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Engaging in an activity with fellow volunteers allowed many of us to get to know the other person better, as well as making the time go by quicker.

Overall, it was a great and worthwhile experience which highlighted the importance one off opportunities have and the range of ways one can get involved in to help the local community.

Click here to get more involved in more one off opportunities:






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