‘Volunteer of the Week’ Launch

Nominations for ‘Volunteer of the Week’ are now open!

Have you worked with an outstanding student volunteer? If you notice a volunteer who you feel has gone above and beyond and deserves some recognition, we would love to hear from you! As an exec and with help from the staff team, we have decided to launch ‘Volunteer of the Week’ so that volunteers can be recognised for their hard work throughout the year.

Anyone can make a nomination from project leaders and community partners to other volunteers. ‘Volunteer of the Week’ is flexible and nominations for any appropriate reason will be considered. These could include things like going above and beyond what was expected, making an impact, progression and improvement, innovation and initiative, dedication and reliability and leadership and responsibility.

To make a nomination, please write us a short paragraph about why the person/team you nominate deserves recognition, and submit it here to the form on our website.

Please give examples where possible as this will help us to make our decisions.

All nominees will be notified and sent a copy of their nomination. We will choose one person/team to ‘spot light’ each week as our ‘Volunteer of the Week’. This person/team will have a small feature in the newsletter.

At our celebration event in term 2, we will put all our ‘Volunteers of the Week’ into a hat, draw one name and this person will win a prize. Additionally, all ‘Volunteers of the Week’ will have their nominations displayed at the event.

Our first ‘Volunteer of the Week’ will be announced in Week 8’s newsletter.

We look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things our volunteers are achieving!

Amy, Warwick Volunteers President.


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