Celebrating Chinese New Year with Kenilworth PHAB

Last Wednesday, Kenilworth PHAB came to the Warwick campus to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This event was actually originally suggested by one of the PHAB members, who used to live in Malaysia when he was younger. There was a huge turnout, with over 20 PHAB members and 12 student volunteers. The room was beautifully decorated with red paper lanterns and filled with Chinese New Year songs too!

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‘Using Your Experience’: Webpage Launch

Although many people volunteer for reasons such as, wanting to make a difference to the lives of others, a desire to do something meaningful with their spare time or simply wishing to help a certain group of people, it is important to remember that volunteering experiences are extremely valuable for securing internships, jobs and postgraduate education. As such, the Warwick Volunteers staff and executive committee are launching a new section on our website about ‘Using Your Experiences’ containing many different pages and resources.

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Insight and Wisdom to take away from Inspirational TED Talk speakers

Happy New Year, everyone! With the new term already underway, and volunteers resuming or starting their activity for the first time, the members of the Warwick Volunteers exec have thought to share with you a few short TED Talks, to hopefully guide you during your volunteering with Warwick Volunteers and inspire you to continue contributing to the community around you beyond your years at university!

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