Warwick Volunteers Student Exec Role

It is that time of year again when a new Student Exec must be elected, and so the current exec have prepared a short description of their roles and what they have gained and brought to these positions.



My name is Amy Sullivan and I have been the 2016/17 president. My responsibilities have included leading the exec in setting objectives and monitoring progress, attending staff team meetings and Warwick Volunteers Steering Committee meetings and representing Warwick Volunteers internally and externally.

The role is varied and exciting and ensures that you can be creative and help implement lots of new ideas into the running of Warwick Volunteers. Strong communication and leadership skills are a must in order for you to effectively manage and co-ordinate the exec team and maintain links between the exec and the staff. You should be willing to give presentations and speeches to different groups and be confident in doing so.

My time in this role has not been without its challenges and it has taken good organisation skills to balance my degree with my exec responsibilities and social life. However, it has been one of the most rewarding and worthwhile experiences of my life. If you are considering running for this position and think you will be a great candidate for the role, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on a.b.sullivan@warwick.ac.uk.

Vice President


I am Jane, the Vice President, and in this role you will be involved with working closely with the President and the Staff team. Your role is generally quite flexible. I think what is really important is that you are keeping yourself updated with ongoing events that are occurring not only within the Warwick Volunteers Exec team but also activities organised by Warwick Volunteers, especially since you will need to step in if the President is not available at any time.

Other shared responsibilities include writing up notes from team meetings, contributing to the Warwick Volunteers blog, taking part in volunteering activities and organising the Exec’s involvement in the Volunteering Fair, held in Term 1 of the academic year. I would say the main part of being Vice President is being able to work well in a team, as you will have to coordinate decisions and most importantly find common times to have weekly meetings.

My experience of being Vice President has been a very rewarding and humbling one. I have had the opportunity to share my opinions and ideas through team and staff meetings, and also in bigger meetings held with the Careers and Skills team. I would say that one of my greatest contributions is organising a mini speakers’ event to be held during Student Volunteering Week, hosting students who have founded social enterprises and individuals from charities like Oxfam.

In terms of skills, acting as Vice President will allow you to gain a wide range of skills from communication, teamwork, organisation to listening. These skills contribute towards positive self-development, and are applicable in job applications too.

 Project Leaders Support Officers


We are Aashriya and Claire, the Project Leader Support Officers for 2016-17.  We develop the link between the project leaders and the exec by organising Project Leader socials and meetings. Our responsibilities have included gaining feedback from Project Leaders, developing peer support networks and creating various resources to assist them and volunteers in general.

We have found this experience to be really gratifying as it helped us to gain valuable skills which we have been able to apply to our volunteering activities, degree courses and for our future careers. Strong communication, social and promotional skills are helpful for this role, as well as a passion for volunteering of course!

This role came with a few challenges including management of time and availability for various events, including the availability of the Project Leaders. However, we have cherished the time we have spent as Project Leader Support Officers and would encourage you to apply for this post, especially if you have enjoyed your time as a Project Leader! Contact us if you have any further questions on A.Jain.4@warwick.ac.uk or C.curle@warwick.ac.uk.

Media and Communications Officers


Hello! We’re Chia and Cassandra, the two Media and Comms Officers of Warwick Volunteers during 2016-17.

Our role and activities have included:

  • Creating posters and videos for promoting Warwick Volunteers
  • Writing articles on the Warwick Volunteers blog
  • Posting on social media, in particular on Facebook and on Instagram
  • Taking pictures and filming at events
  • In addition, attending weekly exec meetings and occasionally volunteering in the local community.

If you are creative and you like to express your ideas, either visually, or in a written format, this role is certainly for you. Although prior experience in graphic design, video editing, and the like may come in handy, it is by no means a prerequisite, as training is provided. In fact, both of us have a background in social sciences, and no former rigorous training in the afore-mentioned domains. All you need for the role is a good dose of originality, enthusiasm, a strong passion for volunteering and desire to learn!

The expected time commitment consists of a few hours each week, the major advantage being that a lot of the work is quite flexible and can thus be done at any time, whenever you are free. The staff members with whom you’ll work are very nice and understanding. They have supported both of us greatly in our role and have shared with us a lot of valuable insight and knowledge.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at C.Y.Tai@warwick.ac.uk and at C.C.Ignat@warwick.ac.uk.

If you would like to apply for one of these roles, you must attend one of the drop in sessions, which will be held on Monday 6th Feb, 10am-12pm, Meeting Room 4-5, SUHQ, and Wednesday 8th Feb, 2-4pm, Sciences – B2.03. Please send your nomination (stating your student number and which position you are interested in applying for) to volunteers@warwick.ac.uk by 9am on Monday 13 February (week 6). Good luck!



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