Our highlights of the year (Part 1/3)

This week is Volunteers’ Week, a national celebration of volunteers in the UK. We wouldn’t miss that opportunity to say once again THANK YOU to all the amazing student volunteers at Warwick and to those who helped make their volunteering possible!

To celebrate, let’s look back at 2016-17!

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Project Spotlight: Leamington Night Shelter

I am a second year Undergraduate student studying English Literature at Warwick. I have always been really interested in volunteering, having previously volunteered in a charity shop and in primary schools. Along with volunteering through the English Department to teach literature at a school in Coventry, I was also really interested in helping out with the homeless in Leamington. Living in Leamington Spa currently, it is clear that help is needed, and looking through the Warwick Volunteers site I found out about the Leamington Night Shelter and was keen to know a lot more about the charity itself!

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