Our highlights of the year (Part 1/3)

This week is Volunteers’ Week, a national celebration of volunteers in the UK. We wouldn’t miss that opportunity to say once again THANK YOU to all the amazing student volunteers at Warwick and to those who helped make their volunteering possible!

To celebrate, let’s look back at 2016-17!

The year started with our Volunteering Fair. With more than 40 projects to choose from and 1000 students attending, the fair was already predicting a busy year ahead!


Soon after the fair, volunteers started their training to prepare for their sessions in schools in Term 2.


Meanwhile, teams of volunteers got involved in our one-off volunteering activities, from Canal Clean Up to sowing wildflower seeds with Friends of Canley Green Spaces or helping at Coventry Foodbank.

oneoff term1

In November, Kidz Kamp volunteers organised the Great Warwick Bake-Off to raise money for their holiday camp for children.

kidz kamp

Crafts in Hospital volunteers have designed and created amazing kits for patients in hospital for them to make cards, bookmarks and Christmas decorations.

crafts term 1

Volunteers ran Christmas themed activities at Charter Primary School and the Sydni Centre, as well as at Queensway Courts in Leamington with ActiviTeas.


In Term 1, we’ve also seen the launch of Volunteer of the Week and Using your Experience features, both projects created by our Student Exec Committee.

That’s for Term1! Stay tuned to see what we’ll remember from Term2.

Visit our website for more information about Volunteers Week and what you can do to get involved!

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