Student Exec Role- Annija & Jane as the Project Leader Officers

As a Project Leader Support Officer you will have to work closely with all the Project Leaders. It is, therefore, important to develop a strong connection with the Leaders, leave an approachable and companionable impression and have a strong knowledge about all the projects Warwick Volunteers offer, as you are person that Project Leaders will be reaching out to if they have any problems or new ideas that need Exec support. Basically the main task for the Project Leader Support Officers is to plan Project Leader socials and meeting along the year, for example, a movie night, bowling, dinner etc. This year we have been organizing not only the exclusive Project Leader socials but also the events for Warwick Volunteers community as a whole, for example, social events happening during the newly introduced Warwick Volunteers week. Later on in Term 2 you will have to lead the interviews with the forthcoming candidates for the role and create handover resources for the new Exec. -Annija & Jane

Recruitment for the Exec position is now opened. Be part of us to help shape the future of Warwick Volunteers!

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