Our highlights of the year (Part 3/3)

Third and last part of our blog series to celebrate Volunteers Week, a national celebration of all the volunteers in the UK. This week we’ve been sharing our highlights of a busy volunteering year. If you’ve missed them, go read Part One and Part Two.

During the Easter break we ran Easter activities with children at the Canley Community Centre. This year we’ve also been attending the regular Canley Pop-up Cafés organised there and ran games and crafts activities for local children and families.


Kidz Kamp volunteers have taken Year 5 pupils from Charter Primary School on a residential holiday, which included building dens, making their own pizza and a trip to the Aquarium.


After the holidays we went away for a training weekend with our newly recruited project leaders. Everybody got to know one another and gathered the tools and knowledge necessary to run their project next year.


In Term 3 we encouraged you to RELAX and take a break from revising and assignments!

Friends of Canley Green Spaces led us on a walk to see the bluebells around campus.


We’ve helped support adults with disabilities with horticultural tasks at the Kings Hill Nurseries.

Kings Hill Nurseries (8).JPG

We were awarded the Community Contribution team award at the University Awards 2017 in recognition of our work in the local community.


Volunteers, you’ve all done so much this year! It was hard to select a small range of activities for this blog series. You can scroll through the blog to learn more about our projects, and of course keep an eye out for future articles!

We look forward to celebrating another successful year with you all at our Summer BBQ on Thursday 15 June, at the Cryfield Sports Pavilion, from 12.30 – 2.30 pm.

There are still many volunteering activities you can get involved in this term. Check out www.warwick.ac.uk/oneoffvolunteering for dates and sign-up.

And if you’re at Warwick next year, don’t miss our Volunteering Fair in Term 1 Week 1!

Project Spotlight: Leamington Night Shelter

I am a second year Undergraduate student studying English Literature at Warwick. I have always been really interested in volunteering, having previously volunteered in a charity shop and in primary schools. Along with volunteering through the English Department to teach literature at a school in Coventry, I was also really interested in helping out with the homeless in Leamington. Living in Leamington Spa currently, it is clear that help is needed, and looking through the Warwick Volunteers site I found out about the Leamington Night Shelter and was keen to know a lot more about the charity itself!

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Project Spotlight: Bake It Up

This week’s Project Spotlight is on Bake It Up, which aims to improve the self-esteem of young people by allowing them to get creative in the kitchen and achieving something they can be proud of. Volunteers run two after school clubs, which enable participants to develop new skills, learn to work as a team and gain knowledge about various ingredients and foods.

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Kenilworth Phab: Overflowing Energy and Joy

A few weeks ago, after having had an assignment for my dissertation at the start of term 2 put an enormous amount of pressure and stress on my shoulders, I decided to take advantage of the subsequently more relaxed period, and got involved in some volunteering. I chose Kenilworth Phab, a volunteering project I had heard a lot about, but had never volunteered with. My choice could not have been better.

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