Our highlights of the year (Part 3/3)

Third and last part of our blog series to celebrate Volunteers Week, a national celebration of all the volunteers in the UK. This week we’ve been sharing our highlights of a busy volunteering year. If you’ve missed them, go read Part One and Part Two.

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Volunteering with ChemSoc Outreach

Did you know that many Warwick societies run outreach projects in the local community? From leading music theatre workshops for young people or running English conversation club with refugees to raising awareness about global issues in primary schools, Warwick societies’ members have a big impact in the community around campus. This week, to celebrate societies’ community engagement, we’ve invited Amy from Warwick ChemSoc to tell us more about their outreach projects and how much she’s enjoying her volunteering experience.

This article is published part of the Creative Warwick campaign.

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‘Volunteer of the Week’ Launch

Nominations for ‘Volunteer of the Week’ are now open!

Have you worked with an outstanding student volunteer? If you notice a volunteer who you feel has gone above and beyond and deserves some recognition, we would love to hear from you! As an exec and with help from the staff team, we have decided to launch ‘Volunteer of the Week’ so that volunteers can be recognised for their hard work throughout the year.

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Let’s look back at a busy volunteering year!

We are very happy to look back to 2015-16. It has been a year full of fantastic volunteers, meaningful projects, discoveries, friendships, learning… With more than 2500 members, 10,100 volunteered hours over 45 projects, University of Warwick students have had a large impact on the communities around campus.

Thank you to all the students and staff who have volunteered this year, and thank you to all our partners who help making student volunteering possible.

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Blogging Begins

Hi everyone,

Each week the 2015-6 Warwick Volunteers Exec are going to be visiting one Warwick Volunteers project, finding out some more about it, having fun volunteering and sharing our experiences with you. We’ll be posting these on our Facebook account each Wednesday, but if you come to the blog then you can find out all the things we didn’t have space to mention on Facebook!

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