Student Exec Role- Jasmine & Chavi as the Media & Communication Officers

Hi everyone! It’s the time of the year again; we are opening our recruitment for WV execs. Join us as our Media & Communication Officer now! As the name explains, you will be helping out the staff team to promote key Warwick Volunteers events. It will require you to produce promotional items (videos, posters etc), manage social media platforms and set up booth for events. Afraid not, you do not need to be an expert in multimedia- basic editing skills will do! This role is rewarding as you get to enhance your skills and meet many new people along the way. Creating and maintaining student relationships between Warwick Volunteers and media on campus such as Warwick RAW, WTV and Boar is one of the key roles. If you think you are someone creative and committed to Warwick Volunteers, stop hesitating and apply for this position now. You might be the one we are looking for! -Jasmine & Chavi

Be part of us to help shape the future of Warwick Volunteers!

Student Exec Role- Annija & Jane as the Project Leader Officers

As a Project Leader Support Officer you will have to work closely with all the Project Leaders. It is, therefore, important to develop a strong connection with the Leaders, leave an approachable and companionable impression and have a strong knowledge about all the projects Warwick Volunteers offer, as you are person that Project Leaders will be reaching out to if they have any problems or new ideas that need Exec support. Basically the main task for the Project Leader Support Officers is to plan Project Leader socials and meeting along the year, for example, a movie night, bowling, dinner etc. This year we have been organizing not only the exclusive Project Leader socials but also the events for Warwick Volunteers community as a whole, for example, social events happening during the newly introduced Warwick Volunteers week. Later on in Term 2 you will have to lead the interviews with the forthcoming candidates for the role and create handover resources for the new Exec. -Annija & Jane

Recruitment for the Exec position is now opened. Be part of us to help shape the future of Warwick Volunteers!

Student Exec Role- Matt Earl as the President

Being the President of Warwick Volunteers essentially means that I lead the student Executive Committee. This primarily involves setting our objectives for the year – such as supporting the introduction of Warwick Volunteers Week in term 1 – and monitoring their progress, as well as managing and co-ordinating the work of the Exec. This is mainly achieved through the organisation of Exec meetings, for which I set the agendas and act as the chair, in addition to using social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Alongside supervising the work of the Exec, I attend fortnightly Warwick Volunteers staff team meetings and Steering Committee meetings, which take place every quarter. At these meetings I update the staff on the Exec’s activities, acting as the primary communication link between the Exec and the Warwick Volunteers office. Finally, it is my duty to represent Warwick Volunteers internally and externally at meetings and events, such as the Celebration Event held at the end of term 2. -Matt

Recruitment for the Exec position is now opened. Be part of us for the opportunity to help shape the future of Warwick Volunteers!

On managing your time well and fitting volunteering into your hectic schedule

Tests, presentations, essays, projects, applications, interviews, volunteering, friends, family, sleep… all in 24 hours. There is no doubt that time management is one of the biggest concerns for all students at Warwick, and in particular, for Warwick Volunteers. Irrespective of whether you are a first-year undergraduate, finalist undergraduate, or postgraduate student, if you are determined to do your best and make the most of your time at university, it is likely that your daily schedule looks something like the one in the picture above. As the end-of-term assessments imminently approach for most of us, time management is becoming all the more critical.

I am thus aiming to (succinctly!) share below some ideas and principles which seem to usually work for me, gathered throughout my experience of juggling my studies, applications, and extracurricular activities. Give them a try, and see if they work for you as well.

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