Kenilworth Phab: Overflowing Energy and Joy

A few weeks ago, after having had an assignment for my dissertation at the start of term 2 put an enormous amount of pressure and stress on my shoulders, I decided to take advantage of the subsequently more relaxed period, and got involved in some volunteering. I chose Kenilworth Phab, a volunteering project I had heard a lot about, but had never volunteered with. My choice could not have been better.

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Inspiring Social Innovation using Design Thinking

What is Social Innovation?

According to the Stanford School of Business, Social Innovation is a “novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions”. Put simply, it is an outcome or solution that is produced by using innovative approaches and technology.

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Reaching out with Buddy Club

Hi Everyone!

This week’s Project Spotlight focuses on a community project called Buddy Club. As our campus is located in the local area of Canley in Coventry, Warwick Volunteers are able to provide a wide variety of volunteering opportunities in the local community. One of those opportunities is at Willowbrook, an elderly people’s home.

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